wizdo studio
/ˈwɪz.doh/ /ˈstuː.di.oʊ/
Design och utveckling med fokus på det senaste inom teknologi
we are team
wizdo studio.
Agile, challenging and above all innovation.
Wizdo studio started in Halmstad and is a digital design studio that designs and develops digital services. We work with organizations in a broad area, everything from government operations to start-ups. We see it as a strength as we gain experience and knowledge from several different areas. We believe that innovation is born when people with different backgrounds, experience and knowledge collaborate.
The process of how we work may not be unique. But we think it is important that we work together to achieve your visions and wishes. We always relate to three basics in our processes: explore, challenge and analyze.
Some of our clients.
We explore purpose and define goals. The impact goals are used to control the artifact to create benefits for both the organization and the users.
We concretize concepts and prototypes. The testing takes place in close collaboration between our designers and your intended users.
In the development phase, our developers work together with designers to develop your service. We conduct beta tests and have continuous reconciliations.
Now it's time for launch! Thanks to the fact that we have had a clear purpose and goal, the digital service will reflect this. We have now together created something valuable for the future.
The people behind wizdo studio.
Izabela Dąbrowska
Bartosz Kamiński
Erik Segerström
Project Manager
Jacob Paulsson
Krystian Kulas
Janek Kozera
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